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How to store Kona Beans – extend the shelf life

Roasted Coffee Beans

Store your fresh roasted Kona Coffee properly to maximize flavor and freshness.

Store your coffee in the specially designed resealable, one-way valved bags to extend the shelf life of your Kona coffee
Your coffee arrives in a specially designed bag.

Store your coffee in the bag it arrives in. Your Kona Coffee arrives packed in a one-way valved bag. This valve is specially designed to let the natural gasses of your fresh roasted coffee escape, while not letting oxygen in.
Using our special one-way valved, resealable Kona coffee bags, your Kona coffee shelf life, in an unopened bag, should be anywhere from 2 to 6 months- possibly more. Another tip is to keep your Kona coffee in a cool-dry place (not the refrigerator). Usually your kitchen cupboard is fine. Also avoid direct sunlight, and moisture.

Keep your beans cool…and airtight!

Experts agree once you open the container and expose to the elements, it is best to use it in a timely manner. In order to maintain the longest storage and shelf life of your Kona coffee, we suggest pressing all the air out of your bag prior to sliding the seal closed.

Should you freeze your coffee for storing long term?

Some people suggest freezing your  coffee in the unopened bag. Particularly if they are storing their beans for an extended period. Many of our customers have reported good tasting results after freezing. However if you’ve opened the bag we do not suggest freezing.

Freezing for long term storage is recommended by the National Coffee Association however not for short term storage. The NCA reasons that by frequently accessing your beans to brew, moisture will adhere to them and ultimately affect the flavor.

Furthermore storing whole bean coffee as opposed to ground is the best. Ground beans will begin losing freshness immediately after grinding. Fresh grinding your beans just prior to brewing will always produce the best flavor and  taste.

If you follow these tips you will keep your coffee fresh and extend its shelf life!