Kona Coffee Club

How the Kona Coffee Club Works

You immediately save on your current order. Each month, bi month or quarter you will receive the same discounted order on or about the same date.
You can change from medium to dark roast or vise versa with no additional charges. You can also change to any other items we offer, you will be credited or charged the difference.
You may cancel at anytime after the 3 order minimum enrollment.

How to Join

You join by selecting the subscription/Purchase Plan option on your CART page. You can receive your order either monthly’ bi monthly or every 3 months (quarterly). You then click the “Checkout” button presented to you when you have applied the subscription to your cart. Your discount is automatically applied to your current order. The discount should carry through when you add additional items and on to checkout. 

Kona Coffee Club Terms

By clicking the “Purchase Plan subscription” button and checking out with a subscription, you are agreeing to receive the same discounted order on or about the same date for a 3 order minimum. You can cancel your subscription anytime after the 3 order minimum. You can also change your subscription items anytime from your account page.

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