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Kona Coffee Blends — Know What You’re Drinking

Fresh brewed Kona Coffee in the cup with fresh roasted beans

Pure Kona Coffee beats a Kona blend every time!

For the best coffee drinking experience, drink 100% Pure Kona Coffee – not a blend of Kona beans and beans from other origins. There’s no mistaking pure Kona coffee. For coffee drinkers, there is nothing like pure Kona coffee, but consumers should know about the different Kona coffee blends.

The difference is in the taste – buyer beware of Kona Coffee blends!

100% Pure Kona Coffee label
Be Sure it is 100% Kona.

Like single origin wines, the name Kona Coffee should only apply to coffee beans grown in a specific area of Hawaii. Only grown on the west slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa Mountains. Only in the districts of North and South Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. So what makes it a blend? A blend means beans from other origins have been mixed with Kona coffee beans. Also, usually at very small percentages of Kona beans.

More on Kona Coffee Blends

Because 100% pure Kona is an expensive product many unscrupolous sellers blend Kona beans with other coffee beans. They will use the “Kona” name on their packaging to sell their coffee at a higher price.

Consequently, many sellers will try and pawn a blend as Pure Kona Coffee. They use names like “Kona Sunset”, “Kona Sunrise”, “Kona Gold”, “Royal Kona” and “Kona Roast” to name a few.  Be sure and check your label closely to insure you’re getting the real deal. It is important to know what the percentage of Kona coffee beans are in Kona coffee blends.

Other kinds of beans from other regions can change the experience of drinking Kona coffee dramatically.  Drinking anything less than 100 percent pure Kona coffee will not allow the coffee drinker to experience the full rich flavor of the Kona beans. Nonetheless, this is not to say there are not some good Kona blends. Just be sure you know what you’re paying for.

Kona Coffee – The Best Coffee in the World

Some describe Kona coffee as among the world’s best coffees. Furthermore, some even say it’s the best in the world. Most experienced drinkers describe Kona coffee as balanced, medium bodied, with no sharp taste. It is extremily smooth, and sweet with a hint of chocolate and flower-like notes. It’s intense aroma grabs the attention of connoisseurs immediately and lets them know that what they are about to drink is Kona coffee.

Kona coffee growers and sellers take action

Kona coffee growers and sellers are taking action to ensure their customers enjoy real Kona coffee.  Also we’ve formed trade organizations, such as the Hawaii Coffee Association and the Kona Coffee Council, to educate customers and to make sure the “100 Percent Pure Kona Coffee” label means their customers are getting the best coffee in the world.

The Hawaii Coffee Association was an important factor in Hawaii’s Truth in Labeling law. The law requires that 100 percent pure coffee from Hawaii is labelled and marked with a certification seal. Also, coffees that are blends are required to be marked as blends. Kona coffee blends often do not have more than 10 percent Kona coffee, with beans from other countries making up the other 90 percent.

So to ensure you have the best Kona coffee drinking experience, look for the “100 Percent Pure Coffee” label.  At we only sell

 100% Pure Kona Coffee – 100% of the time!