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What Is the Difference Between Types of Coffee?

Difference Between Types of Coffee?

What Is the Difference Between Types of Coffee?

How do you like your coffee in the morning? Espresso or decaf? With milk or black? These are just some of the decisions you take when you decide to grab a cup of coffee. But did you know there are more than a hundred different species of coffee growing in the world? Have you tried all of them? Most likely not. But, certainly, you have tried the two main types of coffee beans: Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. Did you know that these two species are the most cultivated among the coffee beans? Many people do not question the type of bean that goes in their coffee, but it is good to know about them. What is the difference between types of coffee? Let’s find out.

Growing Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta 

First difference between the two main types of beans is in their cultivation. Arabica plants usually grow about 4.5 meter tall, while Robusta plants can reach 6 meters. Arabica is more expensive than Robusta because it is more difficult to cultivate. The latter is easier to grow and more resistant to insects. However, the most popular of the two remains Arabica. About 75% of the coffee production goes to Arabica beans, leaving only 25% to Robusta. Arabica beans are oval in shape, while Robusta beans are rather round.

Difference Between Types of Coffee
Coffee Arabica

Caffeine, Sugar and Antioxidant Content

The two main types of beans differ in the amount of antioxidants, caffeine, sugar, and other compounds. For example, the caffeine content is different, with 2.7% caffeine in Robusta and 1.5% in Arabica. Moreover, Arabica beans have 60% more lipids and natural sugars compared to Robusta. In addition, the antioxidant Chlorogenic acid content is 10% in Robusta, with 8% in Arabica. Robusta beans is richer in caffeine, antioxidants, and other chemical compounds. However, Arabica is still the most popular. Why?

Difference Between Types of Coffee
Coffee Robusta

It Is All about the Taste?

It is no surprise that Coffee Arabica takes the leading place among the coffee species. The majority of people in the world believe that Robusta does not taste good. Robusta beans have more caffeine and less sugars, which gives them a bitter taste. Arabica beans have a unique fruity and sweet flavor compared to Robusta. This is why people from all over the world enjoy drinking it. Even among Arabica beans, there is a difference between types of coffee, the final product. Every coffee bean brings a unique flavor to the table.

There are so many different Arabica flavors based on the region of cultivation. Consequently, depending on where the coffee is grown, even the popular Arabica type of beans can gain a richer and deeper flavor. The flavors in the beans depend on several factors, including soil, weather, and temperature.  A few examples of different varieties of Arabica beans are Columbian, Java, Sumatran, Kenyan, and Hawaiian Kona. Kona Coffee from Kona region on the Big Island of Hawaii trumps other Arabica beans because of the rich volcanic soil and climate near Kona Mountains. Experience the rich and exquisite flavor of 100% Kona Coffee with our FREE shipping options!