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What are Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans?

Peaberry Beans

Peaberry is not a type of coffee tree!

Occasionally people ask “If Peaberry coffee beans are so rare, why don’t you plant more peaberry coffee trees?” Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

How Kona Peaberry beans form

Like all 100% pure Kona coffees, peaberry beans are grown in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii (also known as Hawaii island). In most cases, the berry, or red fruit of coffee plant, develop two halves of a bean. But in very rare instances, some berries only have one “pea” shaped bean. Peaberry beans get their name from this shape . Albeit peaberry beans are a little more oval than round.

Peaberry coffee beans are tiny and rare. Also known as caracoli, they are a true treasure for coffee connoisseurs and discriminating coffee drinkers. Only about five out of 100 beans  are peaberry coffee beans.

Why are peaberry beans so highly prized? Mainly its the flavor. The small size and shape of the beans typically give the beans a very even roast and furthermore, a high intensity of smooth, concentrated flavors.

Roasting Kona Peaberry

Due to the high demand and rarity of peaberry beans, they are separated during processing. Unlike the other beans harvested during the season, peaberry beans are rounder which helps them roast uniformly. They have higher density and fewer edges, lending to their mobility in the roaster.

Is Kona Peaberry coffee different than Tanzanian Peaberry?

Yes and No. They both have the same “pea” shaped bean. Be that as it may, Tanzanian peaberry coffee will have a different flavor than that of the Kona  peaberry.  This is due to the different weather, growing and processing conditions in each region. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the home of Tanzanian peaberry coffee beans. They have a mild, mellow flavor. Accordingly Peaberry Kona coffee is known for a full and smooth flavor with chocolaty overtones.

Coffee aficionados highly prize these rare beans because of these special qualities.